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Hi, my name is Rod Hughes.  I am a bladesmith and I make swords as art...

What started out as a part-time interest has developed into an amazing late career. You wouldn't expect there would be much call for swords in today’s high tech world, but swords are iconic, ageless and shaped the world we live in.


I make accurate historic replicas for museums, re-enactors, films and dramas. I also make fantasy blades and my own new designs.  My time is pretty much spent making, working, trying new ideas, designs and building equipment, tooling and resources to do this. I undertake one major teaching event each year  and a small amount of private tuition but what I really enjoy is making film and TV featuring my work and craft.


My style is sculptural and I hope elegant. I enjoy making the hilts as much as the blades and to do this I work in many materials; wood, horn, bone, leather, jewels and all sorts of cast, wound and inlayed metals such as bronze, copper, pewter, silver and gold.

I hope you like this selection of some of the things I have made.

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