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I started my working life as an apprentice mechanical engineer, over the years working in the shipyards of Southampton when they still existed.

I moved into technical sales and marketing before establishing myself as a product designer. Some of my designs have stood the test of time and still pop up on my travels.

Whilst I can't say I made much money from my designs there is a satisfaction that a product is designed well enough for people to chose to use it over another.

Design is important. I have always been a technical designer, enjoying the application of form and function in my work. Due to my experience in making this programme with the BBC I have discovered the need for joy, dialogue and drama in design. This has had a profound and positive effect on my work.

I have had the good fortune to work in multiple disciplines, wood, metal, plastics, composites, silicon, glass. I have hands-on experience of machines, tools and techniques that are now consigned to museums.

I have a passion for design and hope to explore this further in work and media in the future.

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