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I was privileged to be one of five UK smiths presenting 'Forged in Britain' as support to the US 'Forged in Fire'. The series has its critics but it is hard to deny the success and viewing figures. So many people I meet, interested in our craft, were inspired by FIF. 

​It was great to collaborate with Alec Steele this year and invite him to work at my historic forge. The young British bladesmith is a youtube phenomenon with over 1.3 million subscribers to his channel and now premiering in his own show, 'Made with Steele' on History Channel. We made a great video 'Casting a Bronze Skull' and hope to collaborate again in the near future.


I recorded an episode of 'History in the Making' 

forging, casting and building a really unique skull cutlass in my home forge. The programme looks in depth at the making of a blade and will be transmitted on Discovery Channel in the New Year.


Watch out for 'Myths and Legends' another great recording on Discovery Channel. The legendary Cyclops was reputed to live on the island of Hypereia, modern Sicily. One theory is that the one-eyed giant could be a bladesmith who has lost an eye from sparks. In this episode I forge a stylish Greek Xiphos sword and work with historian Joanna Palermo to recreate this legend. Due for transmission in 2019.

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Recently I was selected to be involved in a major craft program for BBC Arts, a living history program. More detail of that in January. It was an honor to represent my craft and I hope that you enjoy the programme in the New Year.


In 2019 I am collaborating with world class armourer Terry English. The smith, best known for his stunning work on the classic 1981 feature film 'Excalibur'. We plan to build a hand cart and set up a portable bladesmith demonstration and 'Forge-off' to entertain visitors at the 'St Ives Arts Festival', held in September. We are hoping to combine making pirate cutlasses on the beach with shanty singers and other artists and with a film crew in to make 'To Hayle in a hand cart' a film about making swords and drinking rum, not necessarily in that order.

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