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Bronze Skull Blade in collaboration with Eric Leong

"Following a summer and early autumn of events it’s now time to get down to making blades. I have some fantastic commissions to make and I will be on these in the next months Aileen, Joe, Jane etc and if the new owners are happy I will post construction photos.

I am set on making a series of really dramatic and creative blades, specifically for use in films. This is the first one from the studio and is a version of the skull cutlass that I demonstrated for Discovery Channel ‘s ‘History in the Making’ program, regards to Craig Colby, Reuban Denty and Chelsea Springer.

This uses the bronze skull that I made for Alec Steel and was featured his video

The final blade is a collaboration with my friend, great prop maker and ‘Forged in Fire’ contestant Eric Leong. He has made a stunning and unusual blade and this ‘Skull Cutlass Hilt’ is on it’s way to the USA as we speak."

~ By Rod Hughes

"Here is a fun collaboration I’m doing with Rod Hughes. Combining our skills for a sword to be in the rental inventory displaying his exquisite work along with mine."

"An outstanding piece Rod Hughes and I put together. I showcased this to the film community just now.

Y’all may see this on a movie or TV show coming up. This is available for rental if you’d like to take it out for a costume accessory. Pm me if you want, shoot Rod a pm for commissioning him to make a piece for you.

His process of casting can be seen here with Alec Steele on youtube. Alec is one of my favorite you tubers, his charisma is addictive."

~ By Eric Anthony Leong

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