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This year's Goldeneye Gathering Event just ended. A gathering for friends and makers in order to share craft and make interesting things.

"A chance to play in the @GoldeneyeForge, casting metal or forging or grinding. This year, thanks to inspiration within the house and because I have 12 new cutlasses to make by the summer, I have added a repoussé workshop for whoever that wanted to cast, forge, grind, polish, tap metal or just wanted to stand around chatting and being a nuisance..." @RodHughes

Here are some event's pictures shared in the social media.

"@RodHughes is into skulls... That was a spare mould he had left over from filming last year. We were testing out the bellows l have made for a Saxon re enactor to see if they worked as planned..." @FrancisHobday

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